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Version History -
May 17th, 2017

We are happy to offer new PDF Focus .Net 6.5! Now let's get to know the core improvements:

  • The new most exciting feature is that now PDF Focus .Net can convert PDF docs in a Multi-thread mode. See our example "How to convert PDF in Multi-thread mode".

  • Improved the algorithm which parses font embedded in PDF and search the same or similar font installed at the machine.

  • Another interesting feature is the mechanism for the correct selection of the character's scale, so that the text in a generated (DOCX, HTML, RTF, XLS) document looks like in a PDF.

  • Improved working with complex graphics: added support of processing soft mask in alpha channel inside PDF.

  • Great news for PHP and VBA developers! We've compiled PDF Focus .Net with COM Visible attributes, therefore you may use it easily as COM component. See "Code samples" folder.

  • PDF to HTML: We've added new property UseNumericCharacterReference , it gives you control how to write characters: in UTF-8 as is or using Numeric Character References (NCR): "Τη γλώσσα μου έδωσαν ελληνική" or "Τηγλώσσα...".

    Added new property ShowInvisibleText. Sometimes a PDF document can contain a picture with a scanned text. Besides of this, this document can contain invisible text over this picture.

    Added a mechanism for remapping character Wingdings and Symbol fonts.

    Fixed a bug with memory leak when converting PDF to HTML with a lot of pictures.

  • PDF to XML: Enhanced the table processing algorithm.

  • PDF to Excel: Added an auto-detection of the cell type. Previously, all cells had only one category: text. But now, if cell contains a number, it will have a numbering type. So after converting, you will be able to conduct any mathematical operations with the Excel document received.

  • Fixed minor issues from our customers, thereby the component became more error-free. -
September 14th, 2016

We'd like to introduce the new PDF Focus .Net 6.0! Let's see what's new:

  • PDF to DOCX. First and foremost, we've added a new conversion mode: PDF to DOCX. Starting from the version 6.0 PDF Focus .Net is able generate DOCX documents from PDF. The component has own renderer which supports DOCX format completely regarding ECMA-376 specification. Thus, now you have API to generate any complex DOCX documents from PDF without MS Office installed.

  • PDF to Word. We've changed the algorithm which scales width of symbols using the property KeepCharScaleAndSpacing. Thereby, this innovation increased the accuracity of PDF to Word converting.

  • PDF to Text. The speed of PDF to Text converting increased in a few times. This staggering improvement appeared because of new selective parser.

  • PDF to HTML. We've added two new properties InlineCSS and CombineImages. They gives you ability to produce inline CSS and combine all images on page into a single image.

  • Fixed some minor issues, which our customers sent to us. Thereby, the component became more error-free. -
May 17th, 2016

We are happy to offer new PDF Focus .Net 5.7! Now let's get to know the core improvements:

  • Added new property ImageOptions.TiffCompressionType. It helps you to set compression type for Tiff images: CompressionLZW, CompressionCCITT3, CompressionCCITT4.

  • Added new property ImageOptions.RenderTextualData. With help of this property you may skip the rendering of all textual data during of converting PDF to Images.

  • In the PDF to XML and PDF to Excel converting directions added the vertical sorting of tables. Now they appear in the same order as they look in PDF.

  • Added new property HtmlOptions.ImageType. In a nutshell, now you can control the format for all images (PNG or JPEG) during PDF to HTML.

  • Added new property HtmlOptions.JpegQuality. It allows to specify the quality for output JPEG images from 1 to 100 (for PDF to HTML).

  • Added new properties HtmlOptions.SingleFontFamily and HtmlOptions.SingleFontSize. As their names implie, now you can set a new single font size and family for a whole text in the HTML document.

  • Fixed some minor issues, which our customers sent to us. Thereby the component became more error-free. -
December 7th, 2015

We'd like to introduce the new PDF Focus .Net 5.5! Let's see the new improvements:

  • We've improved the algorithm to recognize tables in converting of PDF to Excel and XML. First and foremost, this helped to fix the issue with incorrect merging of columns during tables recognition.

  • PDF to HTML: Removed unnecessary duplication of tags <span>. This innovation allows to reduce the size of output HTML document and make it cleaner.

  • Added the new property OptimizeImages. It allows to significantly decrease size of output document because of minor losing of quality for all images. By way of example, we had a case where after the conversion PDF to RTF the resulting RTF became in 22 times less than without using of this feature. -
May 20th, 2015

We are happy to inform about releasing new PDF Focus .Net 5.4! Let's see what we've prepared for you:

  • Added new feature: "Exract images from PDF". Starting from the version 5.4, the component can provide for your app various methods to extract raster images and transform vector graphics to raster images. Furthermore, you may specify to extract images only with a custom diapason of width and height. See new code samples: How to extract images from PDF in C# and VB .Net.

    PDF Focus .Net provides a full set of API to extract images from PDF

  • Regarding other features: we've made a lot of minor improvements to make the PDF conversion much precise and stable. For example, we've fixed the issue with changing dpi parameter during conversion PDF to grayscale and black-white images.

  • Added a lot of new code examples in C# and VB.Net: convert each PDF page to separate Word and HTML documents; extract Images from PDF. -
March 16th, 2015

We'd like to introduce the new PDF Focus .Net 5.3! So, what's new:

  • Improved the processing of CID-fonts.
  • PDF to Excel: We've modernized the algorithm recognizing implicit columns.
  • PDF to Word: Improved rendering of text-shapes.
  • PDF to Jpeg: Added the new property «ImageOptions.JpegQuality».

    The "JPEG Quality" is a number that tells how much JPEG compression has been done. The "Quality" setting is kind of the opposite of the "Compression" setting, but it's just a different way of looking at the same thing. Higher JPEG Quality (or Lower JPEG Compression) gives you a better quality image, but it takes more disk space.  Lower JPEG Quality (higher JPEG Compression) lets you use less disk space, but your images aren't as nice and clear. -
January 30th, 2015

We are happy to inform about releasing new PDF Focus .Net 5.2! Let's see new improvements:

  • PDF to Word, HTML: Added support of hyperlinks conversion.
  • Improved support of PDF documents with embedded composite font type 0.
  • Improved the conversion of special character entities in PDF to HTML direction. -
December 1st, 2014

We are glad to announce about releasing of new PDF Focus .Ne 5.0!

  • We've significantly improved the conversion of PDF documents and have added a new conversion mode: PDF to XML.
    Starting from the version 5.0 PDF Focus .Net became a truly overall component:
    PDF Focus .Net gives you API to convert PDF to Word, RTF, Excel, HTML, Images, HTML, Text under .Net.
  • Furthermore, we've added conversion of linear and circular gradient from PDF documents.
  • We've improved a lot of features, such as conversion of complex fonts, vector graphics; recognizing of tables from PDF.
  • Added new code samples in C# and VB.Net for Visual Studio 2015.
  • We've created ASP.Net application to evaluate PDF Focus .Net online: http://www.sautinsoft.com/products/pdf-focus/online-demo.aspx.

To evaluate these innovations firsthand, download PDF Focus .Net right now! -
September 3rd, 2014

Without belaboring the point, we are glad to offer new version 4.3 of PDF Focus .Net! Let's see the core improvements:

  • The main point of interest is that we've significantly reformed the PDF to Excel conversion engine!
    .Net API to convert PDF to Excel

    Now PDF Focus .Net can recognize even tables with non-apparent borders or textual data and create from them an Excel spreadsheet.

To see this functionality firsthand, download PDF Focus .Net right now! -
August 12th, 2014

We are happy to offer new PDF Focus .Net 4.2.8! What's new in this version: -
May 28th, 2014

We are glad to announce about releasing new PDF Focus .Net 4.1.5! Now let's get to know the core improvements:

  • We've improved the algorithm which converts PDF documents into black-and-white images. Now it works in Medium Trust level and doesn't contain an unsafe code.
  • We've streamlined the working with non-standard fonts embedded in PDF. -
February 27th, 2014

We'd like to offer new version PDF Focus .Net 4.0.2! The main benefit of the new version is that now you may choose any of four configurations of PDF Focus .Net which saves your money:

  • Total - converts PDF to All. Starts from $578.
  • Office - converts PDF to MS Word, RTF, Text, Excel. Starts from $499.
  • Picasso - converts PDF to Images. Starts from $499.
  • Web - converts PDF to HTML. Starts from $399.

Thus, if you as a developer working only with PDF to HTML conversion direction and don't need other formats, price for you will start only from $399 instead of $578. You may find all new prices here.

  • Also improved the conversion of PDF documents to Excel. Now it can detect a table even with invisible borders. -
January 17th, 2014

We'd like to introduce you PDF Focus .Net 4.0! See new benefits we prepared for your applications where is required a PDF conversion:

  • The first and foremost, the component now can provide your application by two new ways of converting: to HTML and to Excel! Starting from the version 4.0 PDF Focus .Net gives API to convert PDF to HTML web-pages and Excel workbooks. These features doesn't require anything from you and work absolutely standalone without a Browser or MS Excel, the same as all other features of the PDF Focus .Net.
    Free download the new version of PDF Focus .Net
  • Added support of JBIG2 codec.
  • Added support of JPEG2000 codec.
  • Improved the algorithm of font size selection to make a resulted Word document close to original PDF.
  • Improved converting of Unicode symbols.
  • Fixed the issue with Century Gothic Font.
  • Improved the converting of documents with text columns.

Here you may download the new version of PDF Focus .Net and immediately evaluate it with your PDFs. -
August 27th, 2013

Without belaboring the point, we are glad to offer new version 3.2 of PDF Focus .Net! Now let's get to know the core improvements:

Now PDF Focus .Net re-creates a Word document from a PDF document like it was been typed by a human.
  • Added three overloaded methods Resize() to set custom image dimensions in pixels, points and percents. First and foremost, this feature would be useful when is necessary to generate images with fixed size in px. Let us say, to generate thumbnails 300x300px from a cover page of PDF documents.

  • Improved working with LZW decoding.

  • Fixed issue with converting of several special symbols, in particular: quarter and hyphen symbols.

  • Fixed issue with Regular style of Arial font. -
February 20th, 2013

We are happy to offer new PDF Focus .Net 3.0! It's a really great breakthrough in the PDF conversion technology and we are proud to submit it.
Why is it so great?:

  • Maybe you know that PDF document doesn't have such expressions as paragraph, string, column, table etc. All text in any PDF document is located at (x,y) coordinates and tables is actually a set of graphic lines. Although typing a text in the MS Word editor is totally connected with using string, paragraphs and tables.

    Our developers worked hard several months to make an artificial intelligence which re-creates a Word document from a PDF like a typed by a human. A Word document produced by PDF Focus .Net now is completely editable and contains paragraphs, columns, tables, page breaks and so forth.

    Now PDF Focus .Net re-creates a Word document from a PDF document like it was been typed by a human.

  • Added ability to set mode for a resulting Word document: Flowing, Continuos and Exact. The "Flowing" is the most useful and common type of Word document for editing. The resulting Word document looks as if it was typed by human. The "Exact" is the mode when document layout created by using text boxes, this gives a monumental accuracy for PDF to Word conversion.

    Added ability to set mode for a resulting Word document: Flowing, Continuos and Exact.

  • A PDF document doesn't have real tables. If you see a table inside a PDF, in fact it's a set of graphics lines. Conversely, a lot of documents created in MS Word often have a lot of complex tables. Now the PDF Focus .Net can understand and recreate real-world tables with rows and cells from set of of orthogonal lines or text.

    PDF Focus .Net can understand and re-create real-world tables with rows and cells from set of of orthogonal lines or text.

  • Added support of underline and strike formatted text.
  • Added a new artificial intelligence system which converts some complex vector graphic elements (e.g. lines, curves, polygons) into a raster picture. This innovation significantly decreases a size of .doc file and time of its opening in MS Word.

    To reduce time of loading *.doc in MS Word we rasterized a complex vector graphics!

  • Added new ability to convert PDF documents into "1 bit Black & White" images. E.g., Convert a PDF to Black & White multi page-TIFF image. Thus, a resulted image will have a minimal possible size in kilobytes.

    PDF documents into "1 bit Black & White" images!

  • Created new code samples for VS2012, the assembly version compiled for .Net 4.5 and the Demo application for Windows 8.

    PDF Focus .Net compiled for .Net 4.5 and tested for Windows 8 -
October 3rd, 2012

We are glad to announce about releasing new PDF Focus .Net 2.7.10 What's new:

  • Improved the converting of PDF documents into plain Text documents (extract text from PDF)
  • Added the new property 'Password' to process PDF documents protected by password

PDF to Tiff  with password

  • Improved the qualitity of processing PDF documents with colored images
  • Fixed minor issues -
April 12th, 2012

We are happy to announce about releasing new PDF Focus .Net! What we've added:

  • Added support of converting PDF documents to Word which have a big page size. The matter in that the Microsoft Word supports maximum page size in 22x20 Inches. If a PDF page has a size more than 22 Inches, all page content will be scaled to 22 Inches proportionally.

  • New Free & Online service to estimate the PDF Focus .Net: http://www.sautinsoft.net/pdf-to-word-images-convert.aspx

  • Improved the engine to render graphics in the PDF to Images direction
  • Fixed the issue with superscript text
  • Fixed the issue with background filling -
March 15th, 2012

We are glad to introduce you the new PDF Focus .Net! What's added:

  • Added support of the DCT filter. Some PDF documents may contain JPEG images packed by the tricky DCT filter, now the PDF Focus .Net can process them too!
  • Improved the Demo application
  • Fixed some minor issues -
January 23th, 2012.

We are very happy to offer the new PDF Focus .Net! What's new:

  • PDF to Word conversion! Many customers were waiting for this feature. At last the PDF Focus .Net has got the new stable engine to export PDF to Word. It's the same fast and stable engine as we've added in the version 2.0 to convert PDF to Images. At this time the PDF to Word converting direction includes only the one resulting format: RTF with shapes, but in the future we'll supplement it by the DOCX and HTML5 formats.

    Convert PDF to RTF in .Net

    Whole converting process can be done in memory or with physical files, also it's possible to select only custom PDF pages for converting:

    Convert custom pages from PDF to Word
  • Added the new property ColorDepth . Color depth or bit depth is the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel in a bitmapped image, see Wikipedia. It helps to decrease size of produced images or make them grayscale.
    Allows to specify color depth for PDF to Images converting
  • Improved the rendering of vector graphic from pdf to image
  • Now the componet can extract Text from PDF from whole document or from custom pages:

    Extract Text from PDF in C#, ASP.Net and VB.Net
  • Added support of rendering text by any angle, and therefore the vertical text now works too
  • Fixed the issue with capture area for graphics and images
  • Improved the demo application and added new code samples -
October 11th, 2011.

We are happy to inform about releasing new PDF Focus .Net 2.1.10! What's new:

  • Significantly improved quality of PDF to image conversion
  • Reformed component's interface, added new methods: OpenPdf() and ClosePdf()
  • Added new property to get number of pages in PDF document
  • Added new code samples for ASP.Net: How to convert PDF to Jpeg, PNG and Multipage TIFF -
September 27th, 2011.

We are glad to announce about releasing of new update PDF Focus .Net 2.0.9 What's new:

  • Added: PDF to Multipage TIFF
  • Added new Code samples - how to convert PDF to TIFF in C# and VB.Net
    PDF to Multipage TIFF in C# and VB.Net -
August 26th, 2011.

We are very happy to inform about releasing PDF Focus .Net 2.0. What's new:

  • Added new converting direction: PDF to Image. Now the component can export PDF to TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP.
  • Added support of graphics and images in PDF.
  • Added new demo application
  • Added new code samples
  • Added new help documentation
  • Fixed issues in PDF to RTF, RTF with shapes, Text engines
  • Fixed issues with support of embeded fonts
  • Fixed minor issues in parsing PDF documents

We are preparing the version 2.1 which will be free for customers who have the version 2. -
March 15th, 2011.

We've returned the PDF Focus .Net in developement and on market. What's new:

  • Fixed issue with missed Unicode symbols during PDF to Text conversion

We are preparing the completely new PDF Focus .Net - version 2.0.

October 1st, 2009 PDF Focus

[*] Fixed issue with missed space ' ' in some PDF documents created by FONet component. Thanks to Julian Kievit.
[+] We have improved algoritm of image storing inside DOC and RTF files, now files with images have size less in 15-20 times.

February 9th, 2009 PDF Focus 1.3.3

[+] Added a new property Pages, it allows to extract plain Text/RTF by pages from PDF document;
[*] Fixed some minor issues.

January 19th, 2009 PDF Focus 1.3.2

[+] Added support of images packed by filter "CCITTFax".

January 9th, 2009 PDF Focus 1.3.1

[+] New converting mode: PDF to plain Text;
[+] New converting mode: PDF to RTF without textboxes.

[*] Fixed some minor issues;
[*] Fixed issue "System.NullReferenceException - Object reference not set to an instance of an object". The the component in case of converting failed returns 3 for methods ConvertFile() and ConvertBytesToFile() and empty string "" for another methods.

December 2nd, 2008 PDF Focus 1.2.2

What's new:
- Added support of converting Unicode symbols;
- Now PDF created by Crystal Reports can be transformed to DOC, RTF properly.

October 9th, 2008 PDF Focus 1.1.0

What's new:
- Improved PDF to DOC converting;
- Added support for CCITT images;
- Added support for CFF fonts;
- Improved image converting;
- New friendly demo program.

Version (17-July-2008), what's new:

- fixed issues with text formatting;
- added anew demo program;
- now supports 100% PDF files after PDF Metamorphosis .Net component.

Version Beta(09-May-2008)

What's is declared in this version:

  - working with text;
  - working with pdf drawing;
  - working with images(CCITTFax images does not implemented at this version).

PDF Focus .Net is a standalone C# library to convert PDF to Word, DOC, RTF, Text, Images, Jpeg, Tiff, Png, Bmpt etc.

PDF Focus .Net - pdf to word, images solution for .Net developers
  • No Microsoft Office automation
  • No Adobe Acrobat dependencies
  • Fast and Independent PDF to Word and Images solution
  • Developed in 100% managed C# code
  • Allows to export PDF to Word and Images in memory
  • Works in Medium trust level
  • Easy to integrate in any .Net 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 ASP.Net, Console and WinForms applications
© Copyright SautinSoft™ 2002 - 2017