Saves whole PDF document into multipage TIFF byte stream

Namespace:  SautinSoft
Assembly:  SautinSoft.PdfFocus (in SautinSoft.PdfFocus.dll) Version: (


 C#  Visual Basic 
public byte[] ToMultipageTiff(
	EncoderValue compressionType
Public Function ToMultipageTiff ( _
	compressionType As EncoderValue _
) As Byte()


Allows to set compression type: CompressionCCITT3, CompressionCCITT4, CompressionLZW, CompressionRle, CompressionNone

Return Value

Multipage TIFF as byte stream - converting successfully
null - converting failed


To start the process, please download the most fresh version of PDF Focus .Net.

Before converting you may set various image properties using the property ImageOptions. For example, set:
  • Dpi - image resolution in dots per inch. Default value: 120
  • ColorDepth - color depth or bit depth is the number of bits used to represent the color of a single pixel. Default value: 24 bit RGB

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