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Shape Properties

The Shape type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCharacterFormat
Gets or sets the character format.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyContent
Gets the ContentRange of the current element.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyDocument
Gets the owner document.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyElementType
Gets the ElementType of this element instance.
(Overrides ElementElementType.)
Public propertyFill
Gets the Brush that specifies how the shape's interior is filled.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyFlipOrientation
Gets or sets the orientation of a shape.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyCode exampleGeometry
Gets a shape's geometry.
Public propertyIsTopLevel
Returns true if this shape is not a child of a group shape.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyLayout
Gets or sets the ShapeBase layout (position and size).
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyNextSibling
Gets the next Element sibling.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyOutline
Gets the Pen that specifies the shape's outline.
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent of this element instance.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyParentCollection
Gets the InlineCollection that contains this Inline instance.
(Inherited from Inline.)
Public propertyParentGroup
Gets the parent group shape.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyPreviuosSibling
Gets the previous Element sibling.
(Inherited from Element.)
Public propertyRotation
Gets or sets the angle (in degrees) that a shape is rotated. Positive value corresponds to clockwise rotation angle.
(Inherited from ShapeBase.)
Public propertyCode exampleText
Gets a shape's text.
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