SautinSoft is an independent Internet-oriented software development company. We are creating reliable and demanded in the market .Net components to create, parse, modify and convert document in most popular formats: PDF, DOCX, XLSX, HTML, RTF, Text, Images etc. Our company was founded in 2002 (website: and now offers a line of these products:

PDF Focus .Net

Document .Net

HTML to RTF .Net

RTF to HTML .Net

PDF Metamorphosis .Net

PDF Vision .Net

UseOffice .Net

Excel to PDF .Net

Our company's mission is to provide developers with reliable and high quality solutions for converting documents! We are trusted by many famous companies around the world such as: IBM, Intel, Cisco, Siemens, HP, Toyota and others.


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Set color for page numbers text
Set font for page numbers text
Class to create header and footer in produced PDF document in any of formats: HTML, URL or Image
Class which allows to specify various image parameters using the property ImageStyle. For example, set single width for all images, set compression type and converting speed etc.
Class which allows to place any text or page numbers at the top and bottom of PDF page
Set page orientation
Set page size for output document
Allows to specify page properties for output document: page header, footer, page size, orientation, margins and page numbers
Allows to set values in mm, inches and pixels for the component's properties
Set alignment for page numbers text
Specify image compression type to decrease PDF size or to increase speed of converting
Allows to specify resulting format for HTML to Image converting
Output PDF format for split/merge functions enumeration.
Main class of the PDF Vision .Net component. This class contains methods and properties to convert HTML to PDF, multipage TIFF to PDF, any images to PDF, split and merge PDF documents.