Allows to set maximal time of HTML page loading in seconds

Namespace:  SautinSoft
Assembly:  SautinSoft.PdfVision (in SautinSoft.PdfVision.dll) Version:


 C#  Visual Basic 
public int HtmlTimeOut { get; set; }
Public Property HtmlTimeOut As Integer


This property is helpful during converting HTML urls to PDF from Internet, especially for slow Internet connection.

If HTML page will be loaded in less time than specified in 'HtmlTimeOut' you don't have to wait end of time.

If HTML page will not be loaded in time than specified in 'HtmlTimeOut' you may see non complete HTML inside PDF.

Default value: 20 seconds


SautinSoft.PdfVision v = new SautinSoft.PdfVision();
v.ImageStyle.HtmlTimeOut = 10;
Dim v As New SautinSoft.PdfVision()
v.ImageStyle.HtmlTimeOut = 10

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